Food and Beverage


Goddess Beach Club       (Click for more info)

Positioned directly across the street from Kite Dreem Hotel and easily located on the map…”Goddess Beach Club” is a Cabarete treasure, make sure to bring your bathing suit! Excellent for family and friends, Goddess Beach Club features a large lawn, swimming pool, rope swings, beach access, a full breakfast, lunch and dinner service… all just a 10 minute walk from Janet’s Supermarket. 

Playa Professionals know; Goddess Beach Club is your top choice for DineIn or CarryOut, featuring daily drink and food specials. This Indoor/Outdoor restaurant sports a lounging deck, full size pool, private oceanfront bungalows for sizable groups attending together…and open air dining/dance floor beside a full bar. Regularly scheduled DJ and Live Music events turn the ornate sculpture garden pathways into a celebration ground which is, simply put – Magical.



Mesa Taina          (Click for more info)

Oceanfront restaurant and a sushi bar, La Mesa Taina gets its fresh fish daily!  As you continue along the shoreline, La Mesa Taina is located smack in the middle of Kite Beach, along with GoKite Cabarete Kiteboarding School, steps away from the ocean. La Mesa Taiina was born in September 2016, out of partnership between the serial entrepreneur, Richard Diaz, founder of GoKite Cabarete Kiteboarding School, and the Master Chef, Raul Capellan.

Breakfast, hamburgers, tapas, risotto, pasta, fish, seafood, and meat dishes, Mexican food, deserts — and our famous selection of Sushi and Asian food.



Riley’s Bohemian Kite Bar and Grill        (Click for more info)

Meet the folks at Riley’s Bar for good food, great friends, occasional karaoke… and a guaranteed good time. Travelers might overlook this hidden gem for it’s unassuming frontage but beyond the thatched roof awning sits a a common ground for locals, expats, travelers, legends of the beach and cold beers. Serving food late night, Riley’s Bohemian Kite Bar and Grill is a great option for the Kite Beach Area providing delivery and takeout options. Located across the street from Ocean Point 1 and Kite Club hotel.